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The Button object is a command (or Picture) style button that can be placed in a DataWindow object. When clicked at execution time, the button activates either a built-in or user-supplied action.


Buttons make it easy to provide command button actions in a DataWindow object. No coding is required. Furthermore, the use of buttons (Button objects) in the DataWindow object (rather than CommandButton controls in a window) ensures that the actions appropriate to the DataWindow object are included in the object.


The following example shows a button placed in a report (a nonupdatableDataWindow). Clicking the button brings up the Filter dialog, where the user can specify a filter to be applied to the currently retrieved data.


In the DataWindow painter workspace, select Objects>Button from the menu bar and click in the workspace. With the button selected, type the text to display in the button. Move and size the button as desired. From its property sheet, General tab page, select the action to assign to the button.

To control whether the button displays in print preview, and whether the button prints on the printed DataWindow object, use the property sheet for the DataWindow object itself. On the Print tab page, use the Print and Print preview checkboxes to specify your choices.

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