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When you tab to a column that uses the drop-down DataWindow edit style, you can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to change its value. If you click the column, the drop-down DataWindow displays so that you can scroll to a different value and click to select it.


Previously, clicking the column in a Web DataWindow displayed all the rows in the DataWindow. The new style allows more accurate rendering of colors and multiple columns.

You set the display properties for the column on the Edit page in the Properties view in the DataWindow painter. The Width of DropDown property sets the width of the drop-down display to a size that is a percentage of the width of the column. For example, 300 sets the display width to three times the column width.

The new behavior uses inline frames (iFrames), which might increase the volume of markup generated. For DataWindow objects that make heavy use of drop-down DataWindows, you might save bandwidth by using the previous behavior, in which the drop-down DataWindows are generated in HTML select elements. To do so, clear the Generate DDDW Frames check box on the Web Generation page with the Format to Configure option set to HTML/XHTML. You can view the generated source from each technique and save it to a file, then compare file sizes to determine which is best for your DataWindow objects.

For more information, see the description of HTMLGen.property in the DataWindow Reference or the online Help.

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