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The version of PBL Peeper you can download from this site is in no way limited or crippled. After you download, you are never expected to pay me anything for use of the utility you have downloaded. In that sense, PBL Peeper is freeware.

I do have one request. If you or your project team feel that PBL Peeper has been useful and has assisted in making your project a success, please make a charitable donation to an appropriate charity and drop me a line to let me know via the Feedback page on this site. In terms of which charities, I’m suggesting charities that do one of the following:

  • helps endangered or disadvantaged animals (e.g. World Wildlife Fund, Humane Society, SPCA)
  • helps people in crisis (e.g. Red Cross disaster relief, Salvation Army, local food banks)

In terms of amount, I’d suggest a small percentage of a result of the successful PowerBuilder project. For individuals, this would be based on what you were paid over the course of the project. For project teams, this would be based on a small proportion of the software budget.

In the general public, informatics companies are viewed are calloused, and technical personnel as self-centered and insensitive. I’d like to believe that’s a misconception. I hope you’ll help me prove it.

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