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The development of PBL Peeper is driven by the interests and consulting requirements of the developer. Therefore, the order of implementation of these planned features cannot be predicted. So, in no particular order, these are some of the features that are being considered at this time.



  • Refresh object indexing automatically (a manual option is now available) when a change in object has been identified.
  • Ability to pause or cancel some active processes
  • More performance/memory efficient algorithms.
  • Output to other formats besides print and RTE control to support advanced formatting (e.g. tables).


PBLs Page

  • Order of PBLs definable after selection.


Browse Page

  • Formatting of attributes in display.
  • Display of more attributes and attributes in a more readable format
    • example: script scope and parameters in a scrollable list
  • Alternatives to browse by relations other than by PBL
    • Ancestor
    • Referenced Classes
    • Contained Classes
  • Hyperlinks from script display


Object Print

  • Richer formatting
  • Page numbering
  • Object
    • References and Referenced By lists
    • Descendants list
  • DataWindow Object
    • Locations used list
  • Graphics representing object/control types
  • Objects and controls: User selected individual attributes, formatted, optionally resolved


List Page

  • Ability to create groups in lists.
  • More options to show additional attributes and information, such as: 
    • comment/code line counts for scripts.
  • Show attribute expressions (e.g. “x + width” or “if (not isnull(x), x, x1)”


Find Page

  • More precise definition of scope to search.
  • Intersection search: Find scripts that contain all the listed items
  • Hyperlink to Browser from rich text output (available from DataWindow output)


Reports Page

  • New reports:
    • Accelerators/Shortcuts report
    • Impact analysis
  • More options on existing reports


Trace Page

  • Compatibility with profiling trace files.
  • Collapsing of lines within a loop structure to a single item, with lines within the loop as children items.


Exports Page

  • Ability to handle OLE controls


Process Page

  • Case formatting of code
  • Attribute specific replace (e.g. replace any command button width with 350, FaceName with “Arial”)
  • Header / Footer additions to code
  • Spell checking of:
    • PBL comments
    • Object comments
    • Script comments
    • Strings
  • Object name changer
  • Inheritance changer
  • Mass change of object attributes to match standards.


Compare Page

  • Option to use MS WinDiff
  • Ability to specify compare options directly to comparison engine
  • Compare all duplicate objects (possibly a report)
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