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Mass Export



The purpose of the Mass page is to deal with a full set of exports for the entire application. Export is for producing an export file for all objects in the current application. Import will be disabled until a future release.

Available menu items

pblpeepericons-objectfilter.jpg  Object Filter

Allows a definition of a subset of objects within the application to be exported. This definition is with a DataWindow filter expression. Fields available for the filter are the same as initially available from the Object List. When an object filter is active, the menu item will be checked and the toolbar button will be depressed.

pblpeepericons-go.jpg  Go

Initiates the export, import, or the export and then the import, as selected.



Selects exporting of all objects in the current application to files.

Export Destination

Specifies the base directory for export files. If Subdirs is not selected, the export files will be placed in this directory. Files Objects.txt and PBLs.txt will be placed in this directory, which are used for subsequent imports.

Export Synchronization

If populated, object files will be named using the same names as a previous mass export in the specified directory

Use Serial Numbers

If selected, new objects will be exported with sequential numbers for file names instead of using object names (serial numbers are appended when duplicate names are detected).


If selected, subdirectories will be created below the Export Destination using the names of the PBLs. Export files will be placed in the subdirectory corresponding to the objects PBL.


Disabled until a future release.

Selects importing of a series of export files into new PBLs.

Import Source

Specifies the base directory for import files.

Make Import Source Same as Export Destination

Specifies that the base directory for import files be the same as the export destination. This is useful when bootstrapping the current application into a new set of PBLs.

Import Destination

Specifies the destination directory for the new PBLs.

Make Import Destination Same as Import Source

Specifies that the destination directory for the new PBLs be the same as the directory containing the source files.

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