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Known Issues

The following are the known issues as of the last documentation update (usually, the last major version). Please consult the ReadMe.txt for the latest details.


1.         PBL Peeper also won’t correctly export the binary portion associated COM controls.

2.         The DW Columns list doesn’t deal with SQL UNIONs, and only examines the first element of the UNION.

3.         PowerBuilder on NT has a bug in the MultiLineEdit that trashes the tab indices. For now, the workaround is to use the default tab stops of 8 characters.

4.         Trace Page does not handle the binary, profiling type of trace files; only the PBDEBUG style trace files.

5.         Not every PBL Peeper functionality works well when the Orphans setting is None. Testing on this setting is minimal, since it is significantly less useful in well designed systems.

6.         Unbalanced quoted parentheses can cause problems in the parsing algorithms of DataWindows.

7.         SQL parsing algorithms are as good as they are. They may choke on your SQL, and some invalid SQL has caused it to crash.

8.         Because of a limitation in LibraryExport(), proxy objects don’t show up.

9.         I expect that code containing Unicode strings may cause problems, although I haven’t had an opportunity to test this yet.

 PowerBuilder Version Conflicts and ORCA

Because of ORCA issues causing conflicts between a PowerBuilder application and the installed IDE (ORCA isn't recommended by Sybase for use by PowerBuilder applications), ORCA functionality has been deprecated. Do not upgrade if you rely on this functionality.

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