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DataWindow Columns


The DataWindow Columns list displays a list of data set columns found in all DataWindows and the DataWindow columns’ attributes.


Column Name

The name of the DataWindow column.


The name of the DataWindow.


The name of the PBL containing the column. The path of the filename is not included unless it is required to uniquely identify the PBL in the current application.

Col #

The sequence within the data set of the column. (Column numbers can be used for many DataWindow functions in PowerScript.)

DB Name

The DBName attribute of the column. PowerBuilder uses this name internally.

Data Type

The column’s data type in PowerBuilder terms.


An indicator that shows if the DataWindow includes the column in its Update specifications.

Where Clause

An indicator that shows if the DataWindow uses the column in building the WHERE clause for UPDATE statements.


An indicator that shows whether or not the DataWindow considers the column to be a key column with respect to updates. When key columns are changed in an existing row, the DataWindow may issue either an UPDATE or a DELETE and INSERT, depending on a setting in the DataWindow.

Available menu items

pblpeepericons-print.jpg  Print [Ctrl-P]

Prints the list DataWindow on the page.

pblpeepericons-show.jpg  Show

Displays a list of options to show additional details in the list.

SELECT column

The expression in the SQL SELECT statement that represents the column in the data. In the case of UNIONs, the column from the first SELECT is shown.

UI Elements

Shows the UI columns that are linked to this column as a data source. (Does not include references to this column in expressions.)


Brings up a dialog to enter a set of attributes. The attributes are displayed in the list. If resolving of attributes is requested, the DataWindow will be created and a Describe() performed against it. If resolving is not requested, only attributes explicitly set in the export will display. Attributes cannot be gathered on unnamed DataWindow objects.

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