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The Objects list displays a list of PowerBuilder objects and their attributes. In this case, object is defined as a class, and/or an object that one would see in a library list in PowerBuilder’s library painter. An object count and sums of numeric columns (e.g. size and source size) of the visible objects are available at the bottom of the list.



The name of the object.


The name of the PBL containing the object. The path of the filename is not included unless it is required to uniquely identify the PBL in the current application.


The comments associated with the object.


The PowerBuilder type of the object (e.g. window).

Date time

The last compiled date / time stamp on the object.

Available menu items

Save As


Save list (DataWindow)

Saves the contents of the DataWindow to a file.

Export selected objects

Exports objects corresponding to the selected rows to individual export files.

pblpeepericons-print.jpg  Print [Ctrl-P]

Displays a list of print options.

Print selected objects' contents

For each object selected produces a full printout in the same style as the Browse Page’s object print. See also the Print Options Window documentation.

Print list of objects

Prints the list DataWindow on the page.

pblpeepericons-show.jpg  Show

Displays a list of options to show additional details in the list.

Ancestor information

Shows the objects’ ancestor and UserObject type.

Duplicates only / All objects

Duplicates only will show only objects where there are two or more objects with the same name. The next time the Show item is select, the option to reset this filter, All objects, will be displayed instead of Duplicates only.


Indicates which user objects are autoinstantiate.

Object line count

Shows the number of physical lines in the source (export) of an object

Source Size

Shows the size (in characters) of the object export.

DataWindow attributes

Shows the data source type (“Select”, “Procedure”, “External”) and the DataWindow presentation style (“Grid”, “RichText”, etc...).

Find Count...

Shows the count of how many times a selected string is found in each object.


Brings up a dialog to enter a set of attributes. The attributes are displayed in the list. If resolving of attributes is requested, the ancestor objects will be searched if the attribute is not overridden in a particular object. If resolving is not requested, only overridden attributes will display.

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