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The Scripts subpage displays a list of scripts that are contained in PowerBuilder objects and the scripts’ attributes.



The name of the script.


The name of the control that the script belongs to.


The name of the object containing the script.


The name of the PBL containing the object. The path of the filename is not included unless it is required to uniquely identify the PBL in the current application.


The full definition of the script, including parameter list and return type.


The size of the source of the script, in bytes.


The type of script: event or function.


The scope of the function: public, private or protected.


When resolve level is set to Scripts (see Preferences window), indicates whether the function or event is listed because there is script in this object for that method (Ghost is No) or because the function or event is inherited from an ancestor (Ghost is Yes).

Owner Type

The scripts’ owner’s system type (e.g. window, command button).

Available menu items

pblpeepericons-print.jpg  Print [Ctrl-P]

Displays a list of print options.

Print selected scripts' contents

Produces a printout for all scripts selected. See also the Print Options Window documentation.

Print list of scripts

Prints the list DataWindow on the page.

pblpeepericons-show.jpg  Show

Displays a list of options to show additional details in the list.


Shows several fields relating to whether or not the script extends or overrides an ancestor script. The following are the fields that are shown:


For events, indicates whether the event is extended or overridden. (This field no longer tries to indicate whether or not the script has an ancestor.)

Scripted Ancestor

Indicates whether or not the script has an implemented ancestor. If the script has only empty ancestor scripts, the field indicates “No.”

Event Type

For events, shows whether the event is a system defined event or a custom defined event.

Custom Definition

For custom defined events, indicates whether the owner or one of its ancestors defines the event.

Owner Has Ancestor

Indicates whether or not the object or control that owns the script has a non-system ancestor. (This is a factor in determining whether or not a script could potentially have an ancestor

Line Count

Shows the count of physical lines in the script.

Argument Count

Shows the number of arguments the script takes.

Find Count...

Searches each script for a specified string or strings and lists the count of each one in a column.

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