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RTF Viewer


The purpose of this sheet is to view and edit rich text and text files, or to view textual output from PBL Peeper functions.

Available menu items


Opens a text or rich text file into the RTF sheet.

pblpeepericons-saveas.jpg  Save As

Saves rich text window contents to file as either text or rich text, depending on the file extension.

pblpeepericons-print.jpg  Print [Ctrl-P]

Prints the rich text window contents.

Print Preview

Displays a preview of the print.

Undo [Ctrl-Z]

Reverses the last data editing, when applicable.

pblpeepericons-cut.jpg  Cut [Ctrl-X]

Cuts the currently selected text to the clipboard.

pblpeepericons-copy.jpg  Copy [Ctrl-C]

Copies the currently selected text to the clipboard.

Copy Richtext

Copies the currently selected text in both text and rich text formats to the clipboard.

pblpeepericons-paste.jpg  Paste [Ctrl-V]

Pastes into the document.

pblpeepericons-clear.jpg  Clear

Removes selected text from the document.

pblpeepericons-selectall.jpg  Select All [Ctrl-A]

Selects all the text in the document.

pblpeepericons-find.jpg  Find [Ctrl-F]

Finds a string in the rich text window contents.

pblpeepericons-findnext.jpg  Find Next [F3]

Resumes the previous find from the current position using the previous settings.

pblpeepericons-first.jpg  First

Moves to the first page.

pblpeepericons-previous.jpg  Prior

Moves to the previous page.

pblpeepericons-next.jpg  Next

Moves to the next page.

pblpeepericons-last.jpg  Last

Moves to the last page.

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