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The Reports page will produce one or more reports based on the current application. The reports will be output to individual rich text or DataWindow windows. To select the report for output, simply check the box. The Go button or menu item will initiate the processing of all the checked reports. Any parameters that any of the reports required will be prompted for before any report generation starts. The Object Filter will be respected for reports that specify in the description.

Available Reports

Application Print

Prints all the objects in the application. The Print Options dialog is provided to define elements of the printed objects and the print destination. The Object Filter will be respected if defined.

Comments Extract

Dumps all comments from each script and variable declarations. Each script starts with a script name title at the top of a new page. The Object Filter will be respected if defined.

Database Column Usage

Lists in a DataWindow all database columns used in an application, grouped by table, and indicates where they are used. The Object Filter will be respected if defined.

DataWindow Object Usage

Lists where all DataWindow objects are used. Includes a search for simple dynamic assignment. Also lists the DataWindow objects whose usage can’t be identified.

DataWindow SQL

Lists the SQL and the column data types for each DataWindow. The report will first give you the option of selecting a database profile. This database profile, if selected, will be used to evaluate the DataWindow internal format of SQL. The Object Filter will be respected if defined.

DWObject Expressions

Lists all the expressions found for various attributes in DataWindows.

Embedded SQL Extract

Lists all the embedded SQL in scripts. The Object Filter will be respected if defined.


Lists the inheritance trees of windows, menus, nonvisual classes (user objects) and visual classes (user objects). The visual classes tree optionally includes all controls or other subclasses (such as embedded non-visual) that are inherited from the user object classes. If controls are included in the report, then a list of system inherited controls are included.

MultiTable Registry Stmts

For all DataWindows, builds a set of of_Register() statements needed for the PFC MultiTable DataWindow Service. The Object Filter will be respected if defined.

Object Cross-Reference

Lists objects and the other objects that they reference. The algorithm is simply searching for object names. The report also produces a list of objects that are unreferenced. References from objects in the unreferenced list are removed from the references list, and the list division is re-evaluated. This is done recursively until the two sets don’t change.

Orphaned ItemChanged

Report columns in ItemChanged events with non-visible columns or columns with no UI presence.

PBR Builder Plus

Builds a simple PBR based on assigned attributes (does not discover attributes assigned dynamically in scripts). It produces a PBR based on a conservative approach, including all graphics detected in all objects and all DataWindows. It also produces script that will force the inclusion of all windows and user objects into the executable.

Verify DW SQL

Takes all DataWindow SQL and evaluates it against the selected database. If it fails, the error is reported. An option exists to suppress output for success SQL compiles, showing only DataWindows that have problem SQL. The Object Filter will be respected if defined.

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