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Here's a quick overview of what it tries to do, to help you determine if you want to download the installation files (manuals, also available online, are included with the install, which require Adobe Acrobat 7.0). In the interest of objectivity, the list of bad things will be listed first, followed by the list of good things.


Bad Things

  • The utility is in no way supported or guaranteed. The user needs to take their own precautions in the event of problems. If the utility works for you, fine; if not, oh well.
  • Being nothing more than entertainment for the developer, there is no schedule for releases of new features or bug patches.
  • The utility can, for large applications, consume a large quantity of memory. (Preferences are available to let you trade off between memory and performance.)


Good Things

You mean besides the fact that it’s free, sort of...

This is a list of the features of the program. The links connect to the online manual, where screen shots and more details can be seen.


  • Lets you view all portions of an object quickly, switching back and forth easily.
  • Lets you switch back to ancestor scripts and back again.
  • Provides a band/location based way of viewing DataWindows.
  • Provides you with an alternate object and portion printing.
    • option to document the objects and portions to a rich text file or printer
    • options to print ancestors, output DataWindow SQL


  • Presents lists of objects, controls, scripts, DataWindow controls, DataWindow columns and external function declarations, with their attributes, for finding, filtering, sorting, printing and exporting for custom reporting.


  • Allows searching for multiple strings in one pass, merging the results into one set of output. (e.g. For searching for matching CREATEs and DESTROYs.)
  • Allows a mix of exact matches, case sensitive and regular (or Match() function based) expressions to find.
  • Output scope for each matching item can be defined, from the full script to just the object name.
  • Output to a DataWindow for filtering, sorting, and jumping to the Browse page
  • Use an Object Filter to limit the scope of the search


  • Print system documentation
  • Object-level cross-reference
  • Produces various reports, such as:
    • DataWindow SQL (plus a DataWindow SQL verifier), PBR Builder, comments extract , inheritance (optionally including control descendants of standard user objects), database column usage, DataWindow usage, embedded SQL


  • Converts a PBDEBUG trace output file to a treeview.
  • Shows the selected script in a parallel pane, highlighting the selected line.
  • Provides ability to search for a specific string (e.g. a script name) in the trace and displays it in the treeview.
  • Provides a summary view of all trace lines containing a match to a specified string.


  • Mass exports of all objects.


  • Highly risky, but powerful set of functionality.
  • Global search and replace of multiple strings in a single pass.
  • Removal of code lines containing one or more matching strings.


  • Compares objects, either one at a time or in full sets.
  • Compare data sets, for compatibility for functions like ShareData() and RowsCopy()


  • Format unformatted SQL
  • Format scripts
  • Convert a string to a PowerScript string
  • Parse SQL to identify tables and columns used
  • PSR and RTF viewers


For samples of additional, more advanced, uses of PBL Peeper, see the manual chapter Applied PBL Peeper.

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